A cena con i colli
Il menù del giovedì

Our cooking
Our menu is based exclusively on fish, and varies depending on the season, so it is easy to find in spring  dishes that are asparagus and 'moeche', the rosolina and amberjack, while in autumn there are fresh mushrooms combined with all the best offers our sea. The menu is full of appetizers on which stands the 'trio of sauce' with sardines and anchovy with radicchio and balsamic vinegar and then shrimp with raisins and pine nuts, and then take at least another 7 / 8 starters. It continues with fresh pasta and gnocchi, handmade such as pumpkin, zucchini and Paris. Again according to season offer fish soup, spaghetti with fish of the day, or with 'Zotoi'. It continues with main courses on which stands the mixed fry of the house where they are served at times as of 12/14 fish species. Finally the desserts always homemade and always delicious.

We offer an extensive menu for any need both quality and price. For all your wedding date or to celebrate.


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